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  • Cosmetic Dermatology

    • Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients that have medical or drug-like benefits. We carry the most advanced skincare products available to help you achieve healthier and more beautiful-looking skin. 

    • Chemical peels are a great way to improve your skin’s appearance. A solution is applied to exfoliate the top layers of your skin, revealing smoother and more even skin. 

    • Microneedling with or without Platelet Rich Plasma uses tiny needles to kick-start your skin's healing abilities. The pen-like device creates tiny punctures on the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. This minimally invasive procedure is recommended to correct skin problems such as wrinkling, discolorations and acne scarring. Platelet Rich Plasma captures your body’s rejuvenating potential. The treatment involves injecting your own platelets and fibrin to smooth out wrinkles, erase sun damage and acne scars, and even diminish dark circles under your eyes. 

    • HydraFacial is a high-tech facial that utilizes a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that cleanses, exfoliates, and then infuses skin with intensive serums. 

    • Perk Skin System is a skin care system that combines a 10-minute, in-office exfoliation treatment with products you use at home for extended benefits. Patented roller-flex technology removes dead cells and impurities through suction to open up pores and deliver antioxidant treatments. This treatment can be used in conjunction with Hydrafacial or as a stand-alone service. There are three different treatment options that target the face, mouth and eyes. 

  • Skin Care Products
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  • Dermal Injectables

    Whether you want to smooth out a few wrinkles or regain lost volume, dermal injectables offer a non-surgical approach to help you achieve a more fresh-faced appearance. 

    • Botox, Xeomin, Dysport

    • Restylane, Juvederm

    • Kybella 

  • Laser Treatments and IPL Treatments

    Laser treatments use focused light to reduce wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, rosacea and acne scars. Laser treatments can also be used for hair removal. 

    CO2RE is a fractional CO2 resurfacing system that can treat both superficial and deep skin layers in one treatment. 

    elos Plus combines laser energy and radio-frequency energy to remove unwanted hair, tighten skin, and rejuvenate your skin. It can also be used to treat acne and skin pigmentation issues. 

    Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a skin-resurfacing treatment that combines traditional carbon dioxide lasers with a new application technique that delivers powerful results without the traditionally harsh side effects. 

    • Intense Pulsed Light utilizes high-energy pulses of light to produce younger and healthier looking skin. 

    • Sublime Skin Tightening Treatment is a non-invasive, wrinkle reduction procedure used to tighten areas associated with mild skin aging.
    • Sublative Rejuvenation uses radio frequency technology to tighten skin, erase fine lines, shrink large pores and heal previous acne scarring. 

  • Surgical Dermatology

    Benign or malignant growths can occur anywhere on the skin. Dr. Chavan has special interests in treating melanoma and other skin cancers. He is trained in Mohs micrographic surgery, the most effective and advanced treatment for skin cancer today. It offers the highest potential for cure – even if the skin cancer has been previously treated by another method.

    He also performs excisional skin surgery to remove moles, cysts, and other skin growths; skin biopsies; and scar revisions using injections or resurfacing. 

  • Temporary Sedation
    Beauty doesn’t have to be a painful process. To control pain and anxiety during cosmetic procedures, you can request Pro-Nox, temporary sedation that is commonly known as laughing gas. A mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, Pro-Nox is a safe and effective sedative that helps you relax and minimizes pain. 

    The effect of the laughing gas only lasts a few minutes, so you can drive on your own after 15 minutes. 
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